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167 G is for Go-Go and Greg Paprocki

167 G is for Go-Go and Greg Paprocki

April 18, 2019

Creator Talks welcomes from America’s heartland prolific artist Greg Paprocki. He comes to highly recommend by my 2 year-old. How is that, you say?

Greg has partnered with Gibbs Smith and their BabyLit division to publish his historically themed ABC books. We discovered his wonderful work at our local library and want to share with all of our listens that are young or young at heart.

Greg’s simplified retro-style art style harkens back to the advertisements of the 1940 through the early1960s.

His BabyLit books include A is for Atom, G is for Go-Go, V is for Vittles, and E is for Easter.

Greg is also taken the reins as artist on the popular children’s book Curious George.

The first step on Greg’s journey as an artist began with an ad he found in a comic book.

With experience working as an art director, why did Greg decide to become a freelancer? 

I learn about Greg’s career path and how he prepared to make it on his own. 

Greg also talks about the commercial art he produced for Mattel’s Barbie, a Cheech and Chong beer label, and many more.

We talk comics, how Greg manages keep balance in his life and why it is important to trust his gut.

All this, plus Greg answers my fun question in the Kicking Back with The Creator segment.

In Creator Corner this week I have a brief interview with artist Andrea Mutti (Rebels, Star Wars, Batman Eternal) who tells us about the next arc of sci-fi thriller Port of Earth (Image Comics) written by Zack Kaplan (Eclipse). Its next arc of begins with issue #9 on sale April 17th.

Andrea will be back next week for a full interview discussing his upcoming work for DC Vertigo Six Days: The Incredible True Story of D-Day’s Lost Chapter.


Interview Segments:

Greg Paprocki                  02:01-44:30

Andrea Mutti                    44:31-59:30


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166 Steam-Punk-O-Rama with Stephanie Cannon & Matt Knowles

166 Steam-Punk-O-Rama with Stephanie Cannon & Matt Knowles

April 11, 2019

This week we're talking steam punk! 

Undaunted by con crud and travel fatigue is writer Stephanie Cannon (It Came Out on a Wednesday - Alterna Comics) and writer/musician Matt Knowles. 

Together they are Insymmetry Creations (#INSYM). I find out why they decided it was critical to create the company.

First, I catch up with Steph about her half marathon run, then turn my attention to their recent experiences at the 2019 Seattle Emerald City Comics Con!

Who were some of the creators they met on the floor?

What is the demographic of their steampunk fandom? 

Did they have proper foot wear!?

Stephanie and Matt have combined their creative talents to craft Tales of Nocturnia, a medieval fantasy adventure in which a kingdom lies in shambles. The throne sits empty. Can the survivors re-assemble to fend off an impending attack from the forces of darkness? 

Matt and Stephanie join me to talk about the Kickstarter for Tales of Nocturnia #1. The campaign is to fund the first issue of this three-part mini-series. Lending his talent to illustrate the book is artist Javi Laparra (Boot Hill - Finalist of the Ghost City Comic Competition).

Matt explains the set up for Tales of Nocturnia and how it grew out of a sequence Javi drew in Heirs of Isildur #6. 

Why did Matt leave his heavy metal band?

How do Matt's new heavy metal compositions tie into Heirs of Isildur?

What artistic nuances does Javi add to that series?

What are Steph's big plans for her two-page Hexed story in 2020?

We close by Kicking Back With The Creator where I ask my guests fun questions to learn more about them, including the hazards of officiating soccer and what is the best heavy metal band, ever!


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165 Julius Ohta: Dynamite’s “Secret Weapon” on Bettie Page

165 Julius Ohta: Dynamite’s “Secret Weapon” on Bettie Page

April 4, 2019

Julius Otha is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who began his comic career as a colorist on Grime Fairly Tales (Zenescope) and Serenity (Dark Horse Comics). 

His first work on interior art was Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man (Dynamite Entertainment), and now he is the artist of Bettie Page and the upcoming Bettie Page: Unbound.

Julius joins Creator Talks to discuss why he wanted to change from colorist to a penciler/inker.  

How did Julius land his first assignment Sherlock Holmes with Dynamite Entertainment?

What suggestions did he make to the writers of the mini-series that changed the look of Holmes and Watson? And how does Julius collaborate with David Avallone, writer of Bettie Page?

All this plus in the Kicking Back With The Creator segment in which we learn what is Julius' favorite action/adventure film of all time. Hint: It would be the perfect film as a stand alone and not part of a trilogy!

This episode also debuts a new feature, Creator Corner, a short interview with returning guest Rafael Lourerio artist of The Mall (Scout Comics) written by James Haick III.

Rafael is accompanied by writers Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin to talk about their Kickstarter Unikorn, a family-friendly graphic novel with the message that with a little love, faith and hope, we never have to let go of the ones we've lost. 


Interview Chapters

Julius Ohta:



Rafael Lourerio, Don Handfield & Joshua Malkin:



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164 Crom! It’s Mahmud Asrar artist of Conan The Barbarian

164 Crom! It’s Mahmud Asrar artist of Conan The Barbarian

March 28, 2019

Know, Oh Prince that in the waning days of winter hither came to Creator Talks Mahmud Anjum Asrar, artist on Conan The Barbarian!

Mahmud is also the co-creator along with Jay Faerber of the series Dynamo 5.

Mahmud grew up in Turkey and we begin our conversation with what it was like going to school there.

We also discuss art school and how studying animation and sculpting helps with his comic art today.

Mahmud tells us his favorite Conan artist and how that person influences his approach to drawing Conan for Marvel Comics.

Mahmud tells the story of when he was offered the Conan art job and what it is like working with writer Jason Aaron and colorist Matthew Wilson.

What is Mahmud’s future plan for his own creations? It’s not a sword and sorcery tale!

How does he manage to get anything done at home, and who is his greatest supporter and greatest critic? 

Discover the answer to these questions and more in my Kicking Back With The Creator segment. 

At the close of this interview, I announce a new feature of the podcast making its debut next week! 


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163 Josh Frank on Salvador Dali & The Unmade The Marx Brothers Movie

163 Josh Frank on Salvador Dali & The Unmade The Marx Brothers Movie

March 21, 2019

My guest on today’s show undertook the enormous task of writing a graphic novel version of the strangest movie never made. 

Writer Josh Frank presents the all signing, all talking Giraffes on Horseback Salad, a graphic novel published by Quirk Books, which is based on the undeveloped screenplay by Salvador Dali for The Marx Brothers

It is the fantastical tale of a businessman named Jimmy who finds himself drawn to the mysterious Surrealistic Woman, a figure whose very presence can transform reality. With the help of The Marx Brothers, Jimmy tries to join her strange world, but the forces of normalcy seek to end their romance. 

The book is a must-read for fans of Salvador Dali or The Marx Brothers or both.

The author Josh Frank is a life-long fan of The Marx Brothers and did extensive research for the book, including having Dali’s hand written script and film treatment translated.

Where additional Marx Brothers gags were needed to complete Dali’s unfinished script, Josh enlisted the talent of Tim Heidecker of the Tim and Eric Show.

Spanish artist Manuela Pertega provided the surrealistic illustrations for the graphic novel.

Josh discusses how he became interested in little unknown pop culture history, which ultimately led to his crowning achievement to date, Giraffes on Horseback Salad.

How have The Marx Brothers comic genius and sense of anarchy influenced later comedy filmmakers?

How did Harpo Marx and Salvador Dali strike a friendship? 

Where was Salvador Dali in his life at the time he and Harpo made the film pitch to MGM

And how did Dali’s current outlook influence the obstacles Jimmy was so desperate to over come in the screenplay?

How does Josh’s day, or rather night job, dovetail with his passion for classic films? 

Which of The Marx Brothers’ films is Josh’s personal favorite, and which is the most underrated? And how the heck does Zeppo figure into all of it?

All this and more in my Kicking Back With The Creator segment!


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162 Palle Schmidt on Crime Noir and Stiletto No.1 Officer Down

162 Palle Schmidt on Crime Noir and Stiletto No.1 Officer Down

March 14, 2019

Fans of crime noir will especially enjoy today’s guest, storyteller Palle Schmidt from Copenhagen, Denmark.

We begin our conversation discussing Palle’s favorite noir film recommendations and the must see experimental hippie village of Christiania.

You may know Palle’s work as an artist on the Chris Miskiewicz penned comic series Thomas Alsop published by Boom! Studios in 2014.

Palle tells how he first met Chris at the MOCCA Arts Festival and eventually partnered with him on Thomas Alsop

His latest comic Stiletto No.1 Officer Down is a spin-off of his previous work The Devil’s Concubine.

Palle provides the basic plot and character profiles of Detectives Alphonse and Maynard. He also explains how he created the illustrations and how the look of Stiletto No. 1 Officer Down differs from The Devil’s Concubine

Palle is also a podcast host and I ask about his a ten-part series Comics for Beginners which he developed to assist comic creators through the process of making comics.

He also has a second ongoing podcast Plotcast in which he has conversations with local writers about writing.

Also during our conversation Palle discuss the benefits he found of working in a studio with other creators and later working from home.

In the Kicking Back With The Creator segment, we find out what Palle considers the best film noir ever made, the posters he had on his bedroom wall and the oddest job he ever had. 


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161 Rob Jones on Paying it Forward and Highspot

161 Rob Jones on Paying it Forward and Highspot

March 11, 2019

As we take up our path in life, we meet people along the way that turn out to be our teachers and mentors. 

My guest Rob Jones has been taught by and mentored by some of comic's greats.

Rob learned from Brian Stelfreeze how to color and interned with Dick Giordano.

Rob has work on comic books, children’s books, books covers and the occasional newspaper strip. He is also is the 2018 Image winning campaign for the Library Foundation of Sarasota County.

Today Rob and I talk about his mentors, how he got involved in children’s books including one he is working on now based on his dog, titled Rambo To The Rescue.

He currently has a Kickstarter running until April 3rd for the second issue of his three part series Highspot.

It is the story of stunt performer Kate Carter who loves adventure and archaeology. In issue #2 Kate and the gang are on their way to find the remains of Alexander the Great.

Why does Rob reference Theodore Roosevelt as a heroic model in the series, and why did he decide to make Alexander The Great the focus of Kate’s mission? 

We also talk about his other comic book collaborations on Strong Will and Mine. Plus Rob discusses how other creators who paid it forward inspired him to do the same.

We close our discussion Kicking Back with the Creator to learn more about Rob.


Special Offer for Creator Talks Listeners:

If you back Rob’s Kickstarter and get a physical reward he will do a free 6 x 9 head/bust sketch of any character you would like if you mention the interview. A 6 x 9 sketch backer reward is $40 but you will get one for free even if you get the $5, $10 or $15 book options. If do order any of the sketch options you get 2 sketches


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160 Artist Spotlight on Rachael Perciphone Kilbury

160 Artist Spotlight on Rachael Perciphone Kilbury

March 7, 2019

Creator Talks spotlights writers and artists working in comic books and other mediums. On today’s show I have just such a guest who produces illustrations for comics and books.

Rachel Perciphone Kilbury creates fantasy/sci-fi illustrations and cover art portraying strong, diverse characters within fantastical and colorful worlds. 

I met Rachel at the New Jersey Comic Expo, and you can hear her first interview with me from the con floor on episode #5 of Creator Talks

Rachel earned a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design and currently works for comic book publisher.

Among her credits are coloring “Phantom Flight” in the It Was Metal Anthology OGN, written by Josh Swartz and Jeremiah Jay with art by Bob Hall (The Avengers, Shadowman).

Her other work includes “Twisted Endings-Snow White” for Infected by Art Volume 6, the cover for Knightmares by G.A. Finocchiaro and a chapter in the upcoming Cosmic Love a Red Stylo comic anthology inspired by Florence + The Machine.

We talk about how the idea for Cosmic Love came to her, and how she feels about doing commissions at comic cons. 

Do you like set goals each year? Do you find it difficult to reach them?

We talk about how Rachel set her goals for 2019, how she tracks them, and makes it manageable to obtain them when life gets in the way.

And when I Kick Back With The Creator, we talk flaming spatulas and salt lines!


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159 David Hahn on The Six Million Dollar Man

159 David Hahn on The Six Million Dollar Man

February 28, 2019

One of the greatest action shows of the 1970s was The Six Million Dollar Man.

Dynamite Entertainment is releasing a new comic series this March written by Christopher Hasting with art by David Hahn.

David is my guest on this show and we talk about The Six Million Dollar Man comic and 1970s!

Among David’s art credits are Batman ‘66 Meets The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Batman ‘66 and Wonder Woman ’77, Bite Club, Fables, and Lucifer.

Was David a big fan of the Batman television series in the 1960s? We find out!

We talk about Impossible Jones, a grim and gritty plastic-man style super-hero co-created by Karl Kesel and David Hahn coming as a Kickstarter this spring.

David is also currently working on a web comic with writer Paul Guinan (Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel) titled Aztec Empire.

Aztec Empire is Paul’s graphic novel series, which recounts the fall of the mightiest empire of the America’s only three years after the Spanish arrived in Mexico during the 16-century.

As a freelance artist, what keeps David awake at night?

What does David love about story telling that keeps him sticking with it? 

David was one of the co-founders of Helioscope Studios (formerly Periscope) and tells the story of when a former guest on Creator Talks popped by the studio in Portland!

Does David miss being in the studio? And who would win in a fight, a Shaolin Monk or a Cave Man? 

In my Kicking Back With The Creator segment, I ask David what obsolete 1970s technology he misses the most, and in his opinion what was the best movie of the1970s.


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158 Billy Tucci on Sgt. Rock, Shi & Appalachian Apocalypse!

158 Billy Tucci on Sgt. Rock, Shi & Appalachian Apocalypse!

February 21, 2019

Last week Ethan Nicolle, the artist on Appalachian Apocalypse! (Cave Pictures) was my guest.

This episode the writer of the series Billy Tucci is in the spotlight.

How is Billy’s zombie story different in terms of the plague’s origin and how faith is connected to the means to fight it? Who is the stories hero and how does his faith play a role? 

We talk no only about it but also, mostly notably Sgt. Rock The Lost Battalion (DC) for which Billy was bestowed a special ambassadorship.

We will reflect upon his creator-owned property Shi that celebrates 25 years. Her next story is coming this spring through a Kickstarter Billy will launch for Return of The Warrior.

You can get a taste of Shi: Return of The Warrior by pledging for the exclusive ash can only available through Billy’s current Kickstarter Zombie Sama, running now until March 1st. The project has already met its initial funding and 1st stretch level goals!

In Kicking Back With The Creator, Billy answers my questions and we find out how close last week’s guest Ethan Nicolle was to guessing what Billy would answer.


Time Marks:

Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion        02:12 - 09:53

Appalachian Apocalypse!              14:10 - 22:30

Zombie Sama                                22:-31 - 29:07

Shi: Return of The Warrior           29:08 - 34:24


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