125 Dillon Gilbertson on Horror Comics Sweet Heart and The Cellar Calls My Name

July 26, 2018

My guest Dillon Gilbertson is the writer and co-creator of horror comic books.


Dillon has Type-1 diabetes and has created a horror comic, Sweet Heart, in which the deadly monsters within are exaggerated avatars of Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes.

Dillon has also contributed a short story to the Alterna annual anthology series, IF, titled The Cellar Calls My Name

We discuss Dillon’s favorite writer H.G. Wells and the comics and movies based on The Time Machine, our mutual admiration of Scooby-Do and much more!


To learn more about the Sweet Heart Kickstarter:



Sweet Heart Issue 1 Preview:



Altera’s Anthology series IF:



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124 Andrew Maxwell on Rum Row, Aldous Spark & Lazlo Cale

July 19, 2018

Writer Andrew Maxwell shares the success of his past two Kickstarter series: Rum Row, a Prohibition Era themed aerial crime adventure; the other Aldous Spark, Meddler in History and Other Unsavory Tales.

Plus, Andrew announces a new Kickstarter for a very different series the Bawdy Tales of Lazlo Cale. It is about what happens when an art dealer is tasked to find a gangster’s stolen painting in a city of interdimensional time travel.

We talk about the benefits of promoting project through Kickstarter for both newbies to the biz and veteran creators, and later get into the pleasures of being surrounded by craft beer breweries! Cheers!

The Bawdy Tales of Lazlo Cale Kickstarter:


To check out and purchase Rum Row and Aldous Spark visit:



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123 Al Ewing Discusses Writing The Immortal Hulk

July 12, 2018

Tired of crossovers interrupting your favorite title and fill-in issues that "don’t matter"? 

So is writer Al Ewing. He explains why neither of these will happen as long he is the writer of The Immortal Hulk!

We begin talking about Al’s first encounter with the Hulk in comics, and how his take on the character harkens back to key character elements contained in the very issue of the Hulk (1962) by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Al explains why his The Immortal Hulk is a horror comic, the reason for Immortal the title, and a sneak peak at what lies ahead for The Hulk.


The Immortal Hulk #1 digital edition


Al Ewing’s Tumblr “Whay Is Happening??? Arrgh” featureing classic Hulk comic book panels:



Youth LGBTQ Crisis and Suicide Prevention Hotline mentioned during the show




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122 Heather Berberet, Psy.D. on Doctor Who on The Couch & Separation

July 5, 2018

Please welcome to the show writer and clinical psychologist Heather Berberet, Psy. D. We discuss her science fiction book in progress Separation.

We also talk abour Heather's series of articles on her website Doctor Who On The Couch, which analyzes Doctor Who episodes from a psychological perspective.

Plus learn:

For which much loved science fiction television series did Heather write an a book contribution?

What support and gudeince does Heather employ to hone her fiction writing skills?

How did Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman put Heather on the path to practicing clinical psychology? 

Which concert tour did Christopher and Heather both see in 1986?

Plus we learn more about Heather through the fun questions I ask all my guests!


Heather Berberet’s Clinical and Counseling Practice



Doctor Who on The Couch:



Books mentioned on the show:

Doctor Who 7th Doctor: Operation Volcano 



Star Trek: TNG / Doctor Who: Assimialtion



Star Trek: TNG Mirror Broken



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121 Rob Williams on The Return of Project Superpowers

June 28, 2018

Writer Rob Williams reintroduces The Green Lama, The Death-Defying Devil, The Spirit of America and more Golden Age Heroes through Dynamite Entertainment’s Project Superpowers #0 coming to a comic shop near you this 4th of July!


I ask Rob how the ten cent zero issue will help introduce new readers to the characters before issue #1 hits stores in August.

How does Rob plan to allow each team member of Codename: Project Superpowers enough room for development in the series?

I also discuss with Rob the Young Ages graphic novel he is writing that will mark the return of Football hero Roy Of The Rovers

Plus: fun questions for Rob, it just wouldn’t be Creator Talks without ‘em!


Rob Williams Website:



More about Project Superpowers:



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120 Laura Lee Gullege from Heroes Con 2018: The Need for Diversity in Education

June 25, 2018

From Heroes Con June 16, 2018 in Charlotte, NC my interview with Laura Lee Gullege, Eisner nominated author of Page by Paige, Wil and Whit, and Sketchbook Dares.

We discuss her work and panel from Friday evening at the con addressing the need to increase diversity in education to match the increased diversity in comics and their creators.

Plus: fun questions I ask all my guests!


Laura Lee’s website:



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119 Heroes Con 2018 Recap and Interviews

June 21, 2018

I’m back from Heroes Con held last weekend June 15-17, 2018 in Charlotte, NC! 

The episode opens with my reflections about the con and guests met. I take stock of the Bronze and Silver Age Marvel and DC comics I plucked from the back issues bins, then move to my four interviews from the convention floor.


Christine Brunson       (20:40-36:00)


Colorist of Amazing Age (Alterna Comics)

Writer/colorist of Bitter Sweet Sentinels

Transition Music: Colors by Beck


Michel Fiffe                 (36:38-48:11)


Writer and artist of creator owned series Copra and of three-issue summer event Bloodstrike Brutalists (Image)

Transition Music: Money For Nothing- Dire Straits


Marie Enger                (40:48-1:02:18)


Writer and artist of creator owned series FHTAGN & LOATHING and the colorist/letter of Regression (Image)

Transition Music: Rats by Ghost


Kevin Glover                (1:03:04-1:20:35)       


Publisher and writer of Lady Frankenstein and The Mummy’s Brain and Supered-Up Monster Kids

Transition Music: Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett


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118 Rachael Smith on Isabella and Blodwen

June 14, 2018

U.K. writer and artist Rachael Smith joins me to talk about her entry into comics and work on a back up story for The 10th Doctor: Year Two titled A Rose By Any Other Name.

Rachael also discusses the free 16 page mini comic she wrote and weas illustrated by Jacob Smith titled Jack & Lucy about two troubled teens that help each other figure out their problems.

We dig into her autobiographical comic strip collection titled Wired Up Wrong, which Rachael wrote to better understand how she deals with anxiety and depression.

Rachael talks about her contribution to the website Emphasize This, a platform for margined voices in the comics medium.

She has a new project in the works, Isabella and Blodwen. It's about growing up, fitting in and a witch from a bottle determined to wreak havoc!

We close out Creator Talks with Rachael answering fun questions I asked my guests to learn more about them.


To learn more about Rachael’s latest project Isabella and Blodwen visit https://unbound.com/books/isabella-and-blodwen/


To order Rachael’s other publications House Party, Artificial Flowers, Jack & Lucy and Wired Up Wrong visit https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/FlimsyKitten


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117 Bryce Bullock on Daddy Long Legs & The Inch Worm

June 7, 2018

Joining me is my youngest guest to date. Nine-year old Bryce Bullock is the creator, writer and artist of Daddy Long-Legs and The Inch Worm, the father and son super-hero duo comic published through Pancake Images.

Bryce, his father Demitrius and mother Michelle discuss the origin of the heroes and how each member of the family supported Bryce in the making the comic.

What is Bryce’s future plans for the comic and as a comic book creator?

What advice does his give to young artists and their parents?

Plus: Bryce answers the fun questions I ask all my guests!


Daddy Long Legs and The Inch Worm



Motion Illustrationz



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116 Where We Live Tribute Tour Stop

June 4, 2018

Surprise! Another bonus episode this week, with six creator interviews! 

The Where We Live- A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas anthology book signing tour made a stop at my local comic shop, The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, June 2nd, and you-are-there!

I interviewed all six of the anthology’s contributors who appeared for the signing.

I ask two questions of each contributor: How did you come up with your contribution for the anthology, and what should be done to help stem the tide of mass shootings?


Erica Schultz              (3:45-11:12)

Daddy’s Little Girl (p. 233)


Matthew Dow Smith   (11:13-15:43)

Autopsy (p. 205)

Monsters (p.271)


Greg Pak                  (15:44-25:37)

What Can Be Done (p187)


Liana Kangas            (25:30-28:08)

Daddy’s Little Girl (p 233)


Justin Jordan            (28:09-34:50)

Everything After (p.54)


Monica Gallagher (34:51-39:10)

Contacts (p 116)


Where We Live Anthology



The Comic Book Shop



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