Vali Chandrasekaran on webcomic Genius Animals

Vali Chandrasekaran is a producer and comedy writer living in Los Angeles. His first work for NBC was writing television scripts for My Name is Earl

Two other programs he wrote for were 30 Rock and Modern Family, both Emmy nominated multiple times for Best Comedy Series.

I discuss with Vali how he landed his first television work and how breaking into screen writing can be very competitive.

Vali spent some time in front of the camera on an episode of the The Office

We go behind the scenes to learn how he landed the role and what the experience was like working with cast.

He has written his own comic, Genius Animals, which is available for free and in it’s entirety online at

Genius Animals is a comedic mystery about that situation where you think your relationship is going well, then one day your significant other disappears. When you try to figure out what happened, you can’t tell if you have been ghosted or have to save all of humanity.


Why did Vali decide to go from Hollywood scriptwriter to comic book writer? 


What is his connect to the web comic’s artist Jun-Pierre Shiozawa?


What is the difference between writing for 30Rock characters and comics? 


How is making a graphic novel both exactly like and very different from running a TV show?


All this plus a discussion on television shows screened before a live studio audience and the use of laugh tracks in a comedy series.


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Link to the web comics Genius Animals

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