Sean Chen’s One Day Wingman Sale and Career in Comics

Sean Chen (artist of X-O, Iron Man, Wolverine and Batman Beyond) joins Creator Talks to discuss the September 1st only 24-hour digital drop of Wingman: Compendium of an Artist's First Writing Experience

The book was inspired by the 1957 classic Swedish art film The Seventh Seal directed by Ingmar Bergman.

The digital version of Sean's book is available free and in it's entirety on Nextchapter's Instagram @NextChapterPost. The physical copy will not only contain the story but also a page-by-page look at Sean's creative process.

Why did Sean decide to post the story on Instagram and partner with NextChapter for the physical edition rather than a launching a Kickstarter campaign?

Don't worry if you are listening to our interview too late to get a physical copy. There is still a plenty of discussion of Sean's career, from Valiant to Marvel, and the lessons he has learned about making comics.

We talk about the first time I meet Sean during the Delaware Valley CBRI One Day Tour that was held Saturday February 27, 1993. He was promoting his first comic work for Valiant Rai and The Future Force.

How did Sean get his first break working for Valiant Comics? 

Sean learned a great deal at Valiant and tells how his art developed under the guidance of Art Director Barry-Windsor Smith and Editor-In-Chief Bob Layton

When Sean made the jump to Marvel Comics 1998 to illustrate Iron Man for the launch of Marvel's Heroes Return, he had the opportunity to work with writer Kurt Busiek.  Sean explains how writer/artist collaborations back then were different than how they are commonly done today. 

Kick Back With the Creator to learn how Sean likes to relax, his island book and the oddest job he ever had.  

Plus: Sean reveals what he considers his missed opportunities that comic artists should take heed.


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