Leah Moore checks in at the Morrison Hotel

My guest  Leah Moore is the daughter of Alan Moore who is known for such titles as V for Vendetta, The Killing Joke, Swamp Thing and From Hell.

Leah has written comic series with her husband John Reppion including The Trial of Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes-The Liverpool Demon (Dynamite Entertainment).

Leah is writing the graphic novel Morrison Hotel, a celebration of The Doors album by the same name. The book is due for released in October. The anthology is written in collaboration with the surviving members of The Doors Robby Krieger and John Densmore.

Artists from around the world including Colleen Doran, Marguerite Sauvage and more are illustrating the book.

Leah describes her reaction as a teenager in the early 90s listening to The Doors music she discovered among her parent’s vinyl record collection.

Co-founding member of The Doors Ray Manzarek once said, “Jim Morrison wasn’t a showman, he was a shaman.” 

Leah Moore describes what made Jim Morrison and The Doors distinct among rock bands of the 1960s and how they were at the forefront the decade’s a social and cultural revolution.

We also talk about how the album Morrison Hotel was a departure from their previous album The Soft Parade.

Morrison Hotel was a return to their earlier roots as a blues rock band playing at clubs such as The Whiskey a Go-Go.

Leah explains how the Morrison Hotel GN is a concerted effort to go beyond simply translating each track into its own short story. Stories include will also provide historical context for the songs included on Morrison Hotel.

As we conclude our interview I Kick Back with The Creator and ask Leah about her favorite birthday, beverage of choice and if she could, the one question she would ask Jim Morrison.


The Doors Song Clips:

“People Are Strange”- Strange Days

“Wishful Sinful” – The Soft Parade

“You Make Me Real” – Morrison Hotel

“Peace Frog” – Morrison Hotel

“Roadhouse Blues” – Morrison Hotel


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