Koren Shadmi on The Twilight Man: Rod Serling and Bionic

Koren Shadmi is an award winning writer/artist who has provided cover illustrations for Newsweek, LA Weekly, The Village Voice and other magazines.

He studied and now teaches at the Visual School of Arts in New York City

As a teacher, Is Koren able to tell which of his students have the best chance of making a living as an artist? What skills do they need to develop to survive in the business world?

Koren has two graphic novels being released.

The Twilight Man: Rod Serling and The Birth of Television published by Humanoids. This 168 page black and white graphic novel will be available again in print this October.

Koren talks about the life of Rod Serling, the successes he achieved in television and the struggles he faced.  

What makes the The Twilight Zone a timeless classic?

Koren's other work coming this October is Bionic, a full color 192-page graphic novel being published by Top Shelf / IDW

Bionic is a near future coming-of-age story for the digital generation. Victor is geek and wants to win the love of the gorgeous Patricia – but she returns from a horrible accident with new robotic parts-and both their lives are changed, forever!

As our discussion comes to closeI Kick Back with the Creator to ask Koren about his favorite birthday, beverage of choice, that missed opportunity and more. 


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