Evan Narcisse Rise of the Black Panther

The high anticipated Black Panther movie made its debut last weekend!

I will say a few brief words about my impression of movie near the end of this episode. No spoilers!

This week’s bonus podcast shines the spotlight on the creator currently writing for Marvel Comics!

Evan Narcisse chronicles the early years of T’Challa, King of Wakanda, in Rise of the Black Panther. It is his first comic book writing credit!

Evan has an impressive number of writing credits among them Time, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post and i09.

A long time comic book nerd, Black Panther was always among Evan’s favorite comic book heroes.

What was the first comic book he read in a barber shop that left a lasting impression on him?

How did he go from being a comic book critic to writing one?

What was it about the final issue of the 1980s Power Man and Iron Fist series that made it an emotional experience for him?

Which Black Panther writer and artist teams influenced the themes and characters touched upon in the Rise of the Black Panther mini-series?

Plus rest and relaxation questions!


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