185 Caleb Palmquist and Greg Anderson Elysee on Modern Mythology

Super-Heroes have become modern mythology.  

What are some of the enduring myths of ancient cultures and why do they still connect with modern audiences?

My guests Caleb Palmquist and Greg Anderson Elysee answer these questions and in a new anthology now on Kickstarter Modern Mythology: A Hero’s Journey 

This all-new 160+ pages of soft cover book features 17 stories by 29 talented creators, plus pinups by additional independent comic book artists. It is also packed with facts about the myths in the book including information about the cultures, histories, and storytelling traditions from which they come.

Greg is the writer of the 14-page story Is'nana the Were-Spider with art by David Brame.  

He talks about growing up reading Black and Africa-American superhero comics. What did those writers get right and what did they get wrong? 

Greg provides some background on Is’nana and the other books he has written about this hero. 

When I Kick Back With The Creator the spotlight is on Greg as we learn how he likes to rest and relax, beverage of choice, island book and more. 

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