153 Tim Seeley on Dark Red and The Comic Book Industry

The United States is a nation sharply divided by political ideology. Left versus right, liberal versus conservative. We have even formed geographic boundaries around the dominant political position of a region. In daily parlance we speak of blue big cites and red rural areas.  

My guest today is comic book writer and artist Tim Seeley. Having lived in both urban and rural areas, Tim has experienced first hand the frustration and political division between demographically divided denizens.  

Tim focuses his creative energy on exploring this division through his upcoming comic book Dark Red published by Aftershock Comics.  

It is the story of Charles “Chip” Ipswich.  He has a dead-end job in a rural area in the middle of the country with no prospects — until a very special woman comes to town. This twist: Chip is a vampire. 

We begin by discussing the state of the comic book industry.  Next Tim shares his thoughts on the rural / urban political divide and how it influenced Dark Red

I conclude my interview with Tim by “Kicking Back with the Creator”: how Tim relaxes, his choice of island book and the oddest job he ever had that allowed him to develop one of his comics.


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