Stuart Moore and More AHOY Comics

Thou demanded more and ye shall have it!  

Stuart Moore joins me to continue exploring the world of AHOY Comics. We focus on two titles he is writing: Bronze Age Boogie (art Alberto Ponticelli) and Captain Ginger (art by June Brigman).

Stuart explains the challenges of building creative teams and keeping things running smoothly. 

How did one whimsical illustration of cats by June Brigman ignite a creative spark that lead her joining forces with Stuart to tell the story of Captain Ginger?  

Stuart is suspicious of nostalgia and explains why Bronze Age Boogie is not just a nostalgic trip. But there are some delightful 1970s references. We discuss a few of them, Chris busts out a few of his old 45s (singles records, that is :) and we share our memories of the 1970s.

Next we turn to the Bronze Age of comics.  We have a pretty good idea when it ended, but what marked the beginning of the Bronze Age of comics?  Stuart and I share our thoughts on the subject. 

We discuss some comics from the 1970s including one Stuart was particularly fond of Marvel Previews #4.  Why was that one so special?

We also talk about Stuart's experience of working with one of the best editors ever, Archie Goodwin

In closing I Kick Back With The Creator and ask Stuart his island book, about one comic project that got away and Bronze Age technology he misses most. 


Creator Talks Theme Song: "Jazz Relax" by LoopsLab

Interview Closing Song: "Everyone's a Winner" by Hot Chocolate


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