Chris Condon and neo-noir crime That Texas Blood

Chris Condon is the author of That Texas Blood (Image Comics) due out June 24th and is my guest on this installment of Creator Talks. 

This neo-noir crime comic book series opens with 70 year-old Texas Sheriff Joe Bob Coates and the search for a casserole dish. 

Chris Condon explains what makes his comic book a neo-noir crime story and how it has changed throughout its development from film to comic.

I learn from Chris why Ambrose County, Texas is the perfect setting for the story, from it's unique culture to its haunting landscape.

He also shares the experience of growing up in the small town of Metuchen, NJ including: who were some of the famous people that lived there and its food scene.

Chris had a different childhood from the other kids in his neighborhood. His parents raised him on 1950s television and movies which had a significant impact on his writing style.

Another major influence on Chris' writing was the unique educational experience he received working for director Joe Dante (Gremlins, The Howling).

Chris explains what made that opportunity one of the best decisions he made on his path to becoming a professional writer.

Jacob Phillips (son of artist Sean Phillips) is the artist on this new series. Jacob was the colorist of Ed Brubaker's most recent Criminal series

That Texas Blood is Jacob's first solo work. Chris talks about how he  joined forces with Jacob and what he brings to the series.

In closing I Kick Back With The Creator to learn more about Chris and his other interests and experiences both inside and outside of comics.

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