J.M. DeMatteis on Star Trek, Shatner and Spider-Man

J.M. DeMatteis joins Creator Talks to tease us about his upcoming Star Trek one-shot Hell's Mirror available March 18th through IDW

We learn about working series artist Matthew Dow Smith and what else may be on the horizon for these two creators.  

J.M. shares his throughs about the Original Star Trek Series and seeing the great William Shatner perform at a Star Trek convention. 

Also discussed is J.M.'s CW Seed animated story Deathstroke "Knights and Dragons" and his upcoming animated adaptation of Superman: Red Son.

Get J.M.'s thoughts on writing characters with whom he was not initially familiar and how that challenge further developed his writing skills.

J.M. talks about the character with whom he is most familiar, Spider-Man, and which story he wrote was his favorite. Hint: it was not Kraven's Last Hunt, this story is not available as a trade.  Want it to be? We tell how fans can help make that happen!

Christopher also talks about one his favorite Captain America stories featuring Deathlok. J.M. explains how Mark Gruenwald had a hand in making that run happen.

Finally I Kick Back With The Creator for all of my fun questions to learn more about J.M. 

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