Stephanie Phillips’ True Crime: The Butcher of Paris

Happy Thanksgiving! This podcast drops a day early to thank my loyal listeners. 

My special guest is Stephanie Phillips writer of The Devil Within (Black Mask Studios) and Descendent (Aftershock).  She is launching a five part series beginning December 4th The Butcher of Paris (Dark Horse Comics).  It features art by prior Creator Talks guest Dean Kotz (Warlords of Mars Attacks).  

The Butcher of Paris is a true crime story set during World War Two in Nazi occupied Paris. Marcel Petiot committed a series of murders in the City of Lights, and Detective Georges-Victor Massu and his son Bernard are on the case to find Petiot before the Nazis. 

Stephanie explains why she undertook months of historical research, and decided it was time to start writing the story.  She explains why she needed to interview family members to help craft this tale of mystery and murder. Of course we had to talk about the talented creative team working on the series and why they were right for the job,.

When I Kick Back With The Creator, learn what grinds Stephanie's gears, how she measures success and what can be done to make comics better. 

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