Tom Scioli’s Grand Designs for The Fantastic Four

Tom Scioli shares his knowledge and deep appreciation of Marvel's First Family the Fantastic Four. Tom reveals his plans for the two-part Fantastic Four Grand Design.

We discuss Tom's first work on the FF contributing to Erik Larsen's Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine!

Tom also explains why Publisher of Image Comics Jim Valentino paired him Joe Casey for his homage to Jack Kirby Godland.  

What Thing piqued Tom's interest in the Fantastic Four? Which FF story was his favorite and which does he believe is the most underrated?

If Tom could created his own Fantastic Four villain...would he?

Listen in amazement as Tom recalls some of his favorite Fantastic Four What If? stories and lobs some cool ideas for future FF stories!

When we Kick Back With The Creator I ask Tom, if it were possible, what would he ask Stan Lee and Jack Kirby about the Fantastic Four?

And how would Tom like Marvel to handle a Fantastic Four Lee and Kirby story reprinted in the collected Treasury edition of Fantastic Four Grand Design?

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