Derek Hunter and Jason Young on getting Pretty Violent

Surprise! A fresh new Creator Talks an interview conducted in person at Big Dog’s Brewing Company with Derek Hunter (Disney animation designer for Duck Tales) and Jason Young (architect of I Hate Fairy Land), creators of Pretty Violent (Image Comics).

Derek and Jason were in Las Vegas for a signing August 24th2019 at the Maximum Comics at the Centennial Hills location. 

Before heading off to the signing, we talked about creating Pretty Violent and what has been the fan reaction.

Also I discuss their other work, Derek and Jason's Pirate Club and Derek's early autobiography Derek Hunter is a F___! 

Jason talks about his involved in I Hate Fairy Land with Scottie Young.

Plus: what lessons did they find out about making comics the hard way, and what did they learn that from someone that was invaluable advice. We still have time for Kicking Back With The Creator Questions.

Note: Due to technical issues the external microphones we used failed to pick up our voices, however the built in recorder's microphone did. There is a good bit of background buzz and chatter, more than I would like, but with added audio enhancement the conversation is now audible.

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