Liana Kangas on She Said Destroy

Liana Kangas is the artist of She Said Destroy (Vault Comics) and Devil’s Dye (Black Mask)

Before Liana packed her bags for SDCC, we had a chance to catch up since we last chat.
I asked about her invigorating experience at Heroes Con 2019 and her recent book tour. 
Always on the go, Liana has also moved many times over the years. I ask why that is and what she loves about Memphis, the place she now calls home. 
One of her first jobs was working in a comic book shop in Florida.  I find out what it was like working there, about some the creators she met and what the cliental were like.
We dive into her latest work which just wrapped up, Devil’s Dye (Black Mask) and one reaching its midpoint, She Said Destroy (Vault Comics). 
How has Liana's artistic style evolved as her work load has steadily increased? 
In my Kicking Backing With the Creator segment, I ask one of my questions that Liana just so happens to ask everyone she meets!  
Plus we digress about what to do with all the comic books and original art we have accumulated over the years. 

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