Grace & Guts: Trekker and Geek-Girl Kickstarters

Two returning guests talk about their action adventure heroes that have grace and guts!

First, Ron Randall talks about his third Kickstarter, a graphic novel about Mercy St. Claire entitled Trekker: Battlefields.

Ron is well known for his work on DC’s Sgt. Rock, Future Quest, Astro City, and many other characters for publishers over the course of his distinguished career.

Did you know he also illustrated Doom Patrol in the late 1990s?

I get Ron’s reaction to the new Doom Patrol series and we discuss movie spoilers.

Please note we do not discuss any blockbuster super hero movie spoilers. (I’m looking at you Avengers End Game!)

Instead, we marvel at how we managed to avoid Avengers End Game spoilers and how it is essential for a script unfold on the screen as the writers intended, rather than through spoilers!

My second guest Sam Johnson is a huge fan of Doom Patrol.

Sam explains why he hasn’t see the first season yet, and gives his impression based on the trailers.

Sam has launched his next Kickstarter for Geek-Girl.

This campaign is for the Crime War Trade Paperback and issue #5 of the ongoing Geek-Girl series.

Sam is so dedicated to the success of Geek-Girl he has taken off work to focus 100% on managing his Kickstarter campaign!

Finally, I ask both guests which defunct technology they miss the most.

Interview Segments:

Ron Randall / Trekker                  02:00-28:07

Sam Johnson / Geek-Girl             28:08-51:41       


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Ron Randall’s Trekker


Sam Johnson’s Geek-Girl


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