165 Julius Ohta: Dynamite’s “Secret Weapon” on Bettie Page

Julius Otha is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who began his comic career as a colorist on Grime Fairly Tales (Zenescope) and Serenity (Dark Horse Comics). 

His first work on interior art was Sherlock Holmes: The Vanishing Man (Dynamite Entertainment), and now he is the artist of Bettie Page and the upcoming Bettie Page: Unbound.

Julius joins Creator Talks to discuss why he wanted to change from colorist to a penciler/inker.  

How did Julius land his first assignment Sherlock Holmes with Dynamite Entertainment?

What suggestions did he make to the writers of the mini-series that changed the look of Holmes and Watson? And how does Julius collaborate with David Avallone, writer of Bettie Page?

All this plus in the Kicking Back With The Creator segment in which we learn what is Julius' favorite action/adventure film of all time. Hint: It would be the perfect film as a stand alone and not part of a trilogy!

This episode also debuts a new feature, Creator Corner, a short interview with returning guest Rafael Lourerio artist of The Mall (Scout Comics) written by James Haick III.

Rafael is accompanied by writers Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin to talk about their Kickstarter Unikorn, a family-friendly graphic novel with the message that with a little love, faith and hope, we never have to let go of the ones we've lost. 


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Julius Ohta:



Rafael Lourerio, Don Handfield & Joshua Malkin:



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