163 Josh Frank on Salvador Dali & The Unmade The Marx Brothers Movie

My guest on today’s show undertook the enormous task of writing a graphic novel version of the strangest movie never made. 

Writer Josh Frank presents the all signing, all talking Giraffes on Horseback Salad, a graphic novel published by Quirk Books, which is based on the undeveloped screenplay by Salvador Dali for The Marx Brothers

It is the fantastical tale of a businessman named Jimmy who finds himself drawn to the mysterious Surrealistic Woman, a figure whose very presence can transform reality. With the help of The Marx Brothers, Jimmy tries to join her strange world, but the forces of normalcy seek to end their romance. 

The book is a must-read for fans of Salvador Dali or The Marx Brothers or both.

The author Josh Frank is a life-long fan of The Marx Brothers and did extensive research for the book, including having Dali’s hand written script and film treatment translated.

Where additional Marx Brothers gags were needed to complete Dali’s unfinished script, Josh enlisted the talent of Tim Heidecker of the Tim and Eric Show.

Spanish artist Manuela Pertega provided the surrealistic illustrations for the graphic novel.

Josh discusses how he became interested in little unknown pop culture history, which ultimately led to his crowning achievement to date, Giraffes on Horseback Salad.

How have The Marx Brothers comic genius and sense of anarchy influenced later comedy filmmakers?

How did Harpo Marx and Salvador Dali strike a friendship? 

Where was Salvador Dali in his life at the time he and Harpo made the film pitch to MGM

And how did Dali’s current outlook influence the obstacles Jimmy was so desperate to over come in the screenplay?

How does Josh’s day, or rather night job, dovetail with his passion for classic films? 

Which of The Marx Brothers’ films is Josh’s personal favorite, and which is the most underrated? And how the heck does Zeppo figure into all of it?

All this and more in my Kicking Back With The Creator segment!


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