155 Spotlight on Cave Pictures Publishing with Mark Rogers and Mandi Hart

On this episode my guests are Publisher Mark Rogers and President Mandi Hart of Cave Pictures Publishing.
Mark Rogers has produced graphic novels, young adult fiction, computer games, concerts, documentaries and films. He has worked with artists such as Michael W. Smith, Bono and The Fray. Mark has also worked with entertainment companies that include Walden Media, Disney and Roadside Attractions.
Mandi Hart is an attorney and filmmaker with a passion for story telling. She holds a JD from George Mason University Law School and an MFA in Film Production and Direction from UNC-Greensboro.
Why did they decide to take the plunge into the choppy waters of comic book publishing?
Mark and Mandi will discuss the mission of Cave Publishing and the comics they have planned for this year into the next decade. 
What does it take to be a Cave Pictures comic? Why did they use the story of Plato’s Cave to explain their publishing philosophy?
Do they have future trades planned? 
How about other media outlets?
What is their five-year plan?
Coming up this month on future interviews I’ll take a deeper dive into some of comics we discuss with the creative teams.
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More about Cave Pictures Publishing
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