Richard and Wendy Pini of ElfQuest

For my final podcast of 2018, I have very special episode; think of it as on more Christmas present from me to unwrap under the tree!

After an epic forty-year run, ElfQuest reached its conclusion this year with The Final Quest.

On this episode the creators of ElfQuest Richard and Wendy Pini join me.

Richard was a Marvel Zombie back in the in 1960s and we talk about how he met Wendy through a Marvel comic.

What ever happened to the first stories Wendy ever made as a child? 

Wendy talks about her first published comic work. How did she land the job?

Wendy reflects on her television appearance on the Mike Douglas Show in 1977 and also what happened off camera. 

Richard explains why he left his job at IBM to focus on ElfQuest and why it was necessary to found WaRP Graphics.

What important advice do Richard and Wendy give to artists about their portfolio reviews? 

And what lies ahead for Richard, Wendy, and ElfQuest in 2019?

I conclude with the fun questions I ask my guests, and Richard and Wendy handled them with both humor and aplomb!


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