Ron Marz and Darryl Banks Enlists with Harken’s Raiders

The idea for Harken's Raiders, a story set during World War Two, was the brainchild of army veteran Allen Cordrey.  

Allen enlisted the services of two comic book veterans: Ron Marz to script the story and Darryl Banks to illustrate it. Harken's Raider's will be a 9" x 13" 64-page hard cover original graphic novel published by Ominous Press.  The publication of the OGN is being crowd funded through a Kickstarter campaign that ends December 21st. 

In addition to the book, Darryl talks about the Kickstarter reward Black Book: The Art of Darryl Banks, the fifth in a series of artist books by Ominous Press(17:07-19:19)

Ron provides an update on volume two of Beasts of the Black Hand Volume 2, a hard cover OGN that will be in the same format as Harkin's Raiders

Beast of the Black Hand Volume 1 published this year, is available as reward bundled with Harkin's Raiders. (19:19-21:10)

Ron Marz also discusses writing Turok coming January 2019 through Dynamite Entertainment.  (23:26-27:20)

Ron read mainly war stories when he first reading comics rather super-heroes.  Why?

What did Ron learn about World War Two from his father?

How will Harken's Raiders connect with a 21st century audience?  

Is the creative team of the Kyle Rainer Green Lantern less concerned about getting details of the weapons and uniforms used during World War Two accurate? 

Darryl discusses developing the look of the members of Harken's Raiders, and heeds the advice given to him by Terry Austin.

During my fun questions segment we talk about beverages of choice, outdated technology we miss and the connection between Star Wars and Ron's favorite birthday. Or was it his favorite?

This is episode is sponsored by The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington Delaware


Harken’s Raider’s Kickstarter


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