Unleashing Hellicious with Elwell, Medina and Richardson

Joining me again are Mina Elwell and Alan Christopher Medina along with Starburns Industries editor Trevor Richardson to discuss their new comic Hellicious.

Starburns Industries is the new publishing division of the company that created Rick and Morty.

What is Hellicious? It’s about Cherry; the devil’s prankster granddaughter is just trying to have fun and make new friends. Her playmates end up digested and destroyed! Cherry thinks she has found the perfect playmate in rock star and Goth icon Briggy Bundy. The problem is Briggy is not dead, yet!

The Hellicious trade paperback was just released 10/10/18. Why was it release so son as a smaller trade collecting just the first three issues? There is a method to their madness.

Since it is Trevor’s first time on the show he gets to answer my fun questions!

What does he think of the new Spider-Man video game?

Why did he do that made his high school rewrite the student handbook EVERY YEAR. If there is a loophole, Trevor will find it! He fought the law, and he won! 

We talk moms, Marx Brothers, man-bags and more! 

About Starburns Industries

About Hellicious #4 Coming November 21st:



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