138 Sam Johnson on Geek-Girl: Crime War

Sam Johnson is back to talk about his latest Kickstarter Geek-Girl: Crime War. 

Issues 1 through 3 are complete and work on issue four has begun. How can YOU be a part of issue four? Listen and find out!

Sam explains the new rewards, including digital editions, limited signed editions and a brand new virgin painted cover by Erich “Don’t Call Me Cartman” Hartmann.  

Sam has made it possible for backers to get the whole series or start with the Crime War arc.

Afterward, we talk about other comics we like too! 

Sam sets the record straight for Christopher on the fate of Doom Patrol, plus we talk about comics we are excited about reading including Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk and upcoming The Defenders one-shots. 

Our discussion then turns to the Netflix and Daredevil Season 3 and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, both out in October.

Continuing on horror, Christopher shares with Sam his thought about a film he recently watched late one night by one of horror’s greatest actors, Lon Chaney, in the silent film The Unknown (1927). It was all kinds of messed up! 

On a lighter note, we share our mutual appreciation for Ricky Gervais Extras, which may just inspire Sam to live stream his idea for a Halloween costume to cap off the Geek-Girl: Crime War Kickstarter finale on Halloween. 

Do I sense a new stretch goal in the making?


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