Ken Kristensen from Superman Returns to Obliv18n

Writer Ken Kristensen is an Academy Nicholl award-winning writer. 
His best know work includes writing episodes of Marvel ‘s Netflix series The Punisher and SyFy network's Happy!
As a graduate student, Ken worked as location manager for Warner Brothers' Superman Returns (2006) and shares how he overcame roadblocks to get certain shots critical for filming.
Ken is the writer of Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth (Image) and joins me to discuss his latest work the apocalyptic sci-fi tale Obliv18n (Scout Comics).
What advice does Ken offer to those seeking a career as a screenwriter or comic book author?
Who developed the logo for Obliv18n?
Ken shares his happiest birthday memory, the earliest of any guest ever on the show!
What poster did Ken have on his bedroom wall growing up that had his mom concerned?
What is Ken’s go to drink that has a celebrity tie-in?
And Ken answers that burning question: just how many keys are there on a piano?
To Order a copy of Obilv18n #1
Ken Kristensen’s Website
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