Lazlo Tamasfi Ascends The Observatory

Writer Lazlo Tamafsi ascends the steps of The Observatory to present a horror tale in the style of The Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu.

Lazlo has won also multiple awards for his movie scripts that we also touch upon. Which was his favorite?


For The Observatory, Lazlo collects his one-page flash web comics within framing story that takes place – in the Observatory!

Just what are flash web comics?

Ever get a comic book or graphic novel with a prose story in the back? Did you skip it?

The Observatory contains a Lovecraftian-style prose tale based an actual event reported in Florida during the late 1800s!

We discuss a fun question that goes to the dogs, we talk about drinking light beers in warmer climates and we nerd out on our mutual love for David Bowie and Nail Inch Nails!

And what is a topic outside of comics that is very important to Lazlo? And why is he so optimistic about our world for future generations?


Post Credit Closing Song: Untitled No.1 – David Bowie


Caliber Presents Volume: The Observatory


Lazlo’s Website


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