Skottie Young and Aaron Conley Launch Bully Wars

It’s a Back To School podcast special this Labor Day! Skottie Young and Aaron Conley launch Bully Wars published through Image Comics on September 5th

Spencer’s is off to his first day at Rottenville High. It’s old nemesis Rufus’ first day too, but he goes from middle school bully to being bullied!


Skottie and Aaron talk about the comic’s key players and the contributions made by the entire creative team.

Why did it take several years from concept to the book’s release?

Were Skottie and Aaron bullied in school?

How are kids different in middle school compared to high school in terms of their acceptance of “nerds” and “geeks” ?

Which comic book character is a bully? The answer my surprise you!

And which of my guests had a surprise birthday party and which talks about his huge vinyl collection?


Bully Wars


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Aaron Conley’s Instagram


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