Chris Flick of Capes and Babes

Chris Flick, creator of the web comic strip Capes & Babes and member of the Web Comic Alliance podcast, joins the show to wrap up the summer of 2018! 

We discuss the moment Chris decided to “get serious” about becoming an artist for a living and how to brand oneself as a creator. 

We also talk about his web comic Capes & Babes and why it has a werewolf that hangs out at a strip mall comic shop.

How has Chris collected his Capes & Babes strips for comic conventions so that it is suitable for different target audiences?

Chris attends a lot of comic shows along the East Coast and has learned a thing or two about proper show preparation. 

What are some of the dos and don’ts about tabling at comic convention and what is the most common mistake made?

To close out the show: how I spent my summer beach vacation, particularly the comics I bought and read during the trip.


Chris Flicks’ Website


The Web Alliance Podcast


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