Ed Piskor’s X-Men Grand Design

Ed Piskor has a Grand Design for Marvel’s X-Men: presenting their history from issue #1 through Chris Claremont’s classic run of the X-Men. 

Ed seamlessly weaves in later retcons throughout his comics and collects each two-issue run of his trilogy in a Treasury-Sized edition.

 Why does Ed hate the Marvel reprints of Jack Kirby’s X-Men work, yet reprinted X-Men #1 in the first Grand Design Treasury Edition?

How did he break into comics working with the great Harvey Pekar (American Splendor)?

Ed is also a big fan of hip-hop music and wrote about its history between 1975-1983 in Hip Hop Family Tree. It was his first attempt at presenting his work in a Treasury-Sized Edition.

Plus, the fun questions I ask guests to learn more about them, and we learn what was the best birthday Ed ever had!


X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis



Hip Hop Family Tree



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