126 Evan Dorkin on Beast of Burden and Blackwood

Writer and cartoonist Evan Dorkin, the creator of Milk and Cheese, Dork, Beasts of Burden and Blackwood, joins the show! 

As a youth Evan preferred Marvel comics, any comics, to DC and explains why. (DC fans take heart; later Evan was a fan of DC and even did some work for the publisher.

How did Evan shift from humor to horror comics? Evan always went with the flow, and talks about regretting not having a plan and “brand” for himself in his first few decades in comics.

Now, Evan is focused on writing horror comics and talks about his latest projects through Dark Horse.

Evan tells how he met his wife, creator Sarah Dyer, their first date, and how it ended that evening buying a lava lamp.

Why Dark Horse never “bit” at Evan’s pitch for a super-hero comic (your host got the joke, yes, Evan went there ;-)

Plus Evan is stumped, only momentarily, by one of the fun questions I ask my guests!


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