Heather Berberet, Psy.D. on Doctor Who on The Couch and Separation

Please welcome to the show writer and clinical psychologist Heather Berberet, Psy. D. We discuss her science fiction book in progress Separation.

We also talk abour Heather's series of articles on her website Doctor Who On The Couch, which analyzes Doctor Who episodes from a psychological perspective.

Plus learn:

For which much loved science fiction television series did Heather write an a book contribution?

What support and gudeince does Heather employ to hone her fiction writing skills?

How did Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman put Heather on the path to practicing clinical psychology? 

Which concert tour did Christopher and Heather both see in 1986?

Plus we learn more about Heather through the fun questions I ask all my guests!


Heather Berberet’s Clinical and Counseling Practice



Doctor Who on The Couch:



Books mentioned on the show:

Doctor Who 7th Doctor: Operation Volcano 



Star Trek: TNG / Doctor Who: Assimialtion



Star Trek: TNG Mirror Broken



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