Heroes Con 2018 Recap and Interviews

I’m back from Heroes Con held last weekend June 15-17, 2018 in Charlotte, NC! 

The episode opens with my reflections about the con and guests met. I take stock of the Bronze and Silver Age Marvel and DC comics I plucked from the back issues bins, then move to my four interviews from the convention floor.


Christine Brunson       (20:40-36:00)


Colorist of Amazing Age (Alterna Comics)

Writer/colorist of Bitter Sweet Sentinels

Transition Music: Colors by Beck


Michel Fiffe                 (36:38-48:11)


Writer and artist of creator owned series Copra and of three-issue summer event Bloodstrike Brutalists (Image)

Transition Music: Money For Nothing- Dire Straits


Marie Enger                (40:48-1:02:18)


Writer and artist of creator owned series FHTAGN & LOATHING and the colorist/letter of Regression (Image)

Transition Music: Rats by Ghost


Kevin Glover                (1:03:04-1:20:35)       


Publisher and writer of Lady Frankenstein and The Mummy’s Brain and Supered-Up Monster Kids

Transition Music: Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett


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