Where We Live Tribute Tour Stop

Surprise! Another bonus episode this week, with six creator interviews! 

The Where We Live- A Benefit for the Survivors in Las Vegas anthology book signing tour made a stop at my local comic shop, The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, Delaware on Saturday, June 2nd, and you-are-there!

I interviewed all six of the anthology’s contributors who appeared for the signing.

I ask two questions of each contributor: How did you come up with your contribution for the anthology, and what should be done to help stem the tide of mass shootings?


Erica Schultz              (3:45-11:12)

Daddy’s Little Girl (p. 233)


Matthew Dow Smith   (11:13-15:43)

Autopsy (p. 205)

Monsters (p.271)


Greg Pak                  (15:44-25:37)

What Can Be Done (p187)


Liana Kangas            (25:30-28:08)

Daddy’s Little Girl (p 233)


Justin Jordan            (28:09-34:50)

Everything After (p.54)


Monica Gallagher (34:51-39:10)

Contacts (p 116)


Where We Live Anthology



The Comic Book Shop



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