Peter Milligan on The Prisoner, Kid Lobotomy and Legion

It's 100th episode of Creator Talks!

Returning for this celebration is my guest from episode #4 Peter Milligan!

First, I get an update from Peter on how his German lessons are progressing and on the life drawing class by Jason Atomic he attended
which included a lecture by an Egyptologist.

Speaking of Egypt, will we see another arc of the The Mummy (Titan) from Peter?

How about more of Rome's Antonius Axia, the ancient world's first detective from the series Britannia (Valiant)?

Moving on, I discuss Peter’s current work including The Prisoner (Titan), Kid Lobotomy
(Black Crown /IDW), and Legion (Marvel).

What is Peter’s reaction to the Legion television series on FX?

How does the art style used his mini-series Legion help the reader connect with the bizarre landscape of David Haller's mind?


How does the art help a story with the surreal characters and places in The Prisoner?

What does it mean to describe something as Kafkaesque?

Peter talks about his favorite work by Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis.

Peter also has an unfliching response for his choice of deserted island book, plus answers all my other Rest and Relation questions!

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About The Prisoner (Titan Comics):

About Legion (Marvel)

About Kid Lobotomy (Black Crown / IDW)

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