147 Ron Marz and Darryl Banks Enlists with Harken’s Raiders

December 13, 2018

The idea for Harken's Raiders, a story set during World War Two, was the brainchild of army veteran Allen Cordrey.  

Allen enlisted the services of two comic book veterans: Ron Marz to script the story and Darryl Banks to illustrate it. Harken's Raider's will be a 9" x 13" 64-page hard cover original graphic novel published by Ominous Press.  The publication of the OGN is being crowd funded through a Kickstarter campaign that ends December 21st. 

In addition to the book, Darryl talks about the Kickstarter reward Black Book: The Art of Darryl Banks, the fifth in a series of artist books by Ominous Press(17:07-19:19)

Ron provides an update on volume two of Beasts of the Black Hand Volume 2, a hard cover OGN that will be in the same format as Harkin's Raiders

Beast of the Black Hand Volume 1 published this year, is available as reward bundled with Harkin's Raiders. (19:19-21:10)

Ron Marz also discusses writing Turok coming January 2019 through Dynamite Entertainment.  (23:26-27:20)

Ron read mainly war stories when he first reading comics rather super-heroes.  Why?

What did Ron learn about World War Two from his father?

How will Harken's Raiders connect with a 21st century audience?  

Is the creative team of the Kyle Rainer Green Lantern less concerned about getting details of the weapons and uniforms used during World War Two accurate? 

Darryl discusses developing the look of the members of Harken's Raiders, and heeds the advice given to him by Terry Austin.

During my fun questions segment we talk about beverages of choice, outdated technology we miss and the connection between Star Wars and Ron's favorite birthday. Or was it his favorite?

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Harken’s Raider’s Kickstarter



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146 The Wonder Twins- Artists Claire and Paige Connelly

December 6, 2018

Is there an artist in your family? Is there more than one? What do you think the odds are of that?

Claire and Paige Connelly are sisters, twin sisters in fact. Although both have share a passion for art and followed the same academic path, each developed a unique style of art of their own.

Claire Connelly illustrates comic books, video games and storyboards. She has written, drawn and published Black Eyes and Down With the Ship among other comics.

Claire has collaborated with writer Eric Grissom on Animals and Erica Schultz (Erica credits include Dynamite Entertainment’s Charmed, Swords of Sorrow, Xena: Warrior Princess) on The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill and Cheese: A Love Story. 

Claire is a video game aficionado and has a penchant for old video games.

Paige Connelly is an illustrator who specializes in graphite drawings, digital illustrations and character designs.

Paige’s credits include contributions to the RPG game magazine Wayfinder and in the gallery of Dungeon and Dragon’s Against the Slave Lord book reprint. In addition, each year she publishes her sketchbook Songs of Fablewood

What was art school like for them and how did it prepare them for life?

Without a large publisher gig, how do they promote their work? And how do they use social media? 

How do they measure the success of their work? 

What is one series they just started reading and highly recommend? Hint: it that just wrapped up after 40 years and was featured on NPR!

What comic project is Claire planning with Eric Schultz for 2019 involving lobsters? And why did Claire begin working with graphite? 

Plus: Claire ands Paige answer the fun questions ask including a few new ones they had lots of fun answering.


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Paige Connelly’s website



Claire Connelly’s website



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145 Mat Groom & Eduardo Ferigato on Self/Made

November 29, 2018
Writer Mat Groom lives Australia; artist Eduardo Ferigato lives in Brazil.  What these two creators share in common is their work on Self/Made, a sci-fi comic being published through Image on December 5th.
This is Mat Groom’s first solo comic writing credit and the first comic series writer Kyle Higgins has edited. Kyle was the writer of The New 52 Nightwing series for DC and of his creator-owned series C.O.W.L. and Hadrian’s Wall.
One thing Self/Made’s creators share in common is a passion for hiking. I discuss with Mat and Eduardo places they enjoy and recommend. 
We also discuss Mat first writing credit in a Power Rangers comic and his podcast on the team called Ranger Danger.
Eduardo reflects on how his comic book art has evolved since The Last Phantom for Dynamite Entertainment in 2011 and working on Self/Made with colorist Marcelo Costa.
What advice did the experienced letter Troy Peteri provide Mat? Mat also talks about the contributions by logo designer Olivia King and production designer and podcast partner Michael Busuttil.
Why makes Mat and Eduardo collaboration seem so effortless?
What is their secret to staying on time with the production of the series? Hint: it has something to do with spreadsheets!
What is the story behind the special cover for issue #1 that benefits charity?
And what is the special contest for Self /Made readers?
Finally, Mat and Eduardo answer the fun questions I ask all my guests so we get to know more about them.
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About Self/Made on sale 12/05/2018
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144 Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans on RPG based DIE

November 21, 2018

Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans have joined forces to created a dark fantasy about a group of adults in their 40s who must face a horror they barely survived as teen role game players in 1991.

Today on the show writer Kieron Gillen (Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars) and Stephanie Hans (Journey Into Mystery) deconstruct their experience with RPGs and explain why this story is not just a trip down memory lane.

Why does Kieron begin his tale in 1991? What was so pivotal about that year? 

RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons are still thriving in a world filled with elaborate interactive video games and personal device gaming apps. What is the reason for RPGs success among new and long-time players? Kieron and Stephanie share their thoughts.

If Kieron created a soundtrack for DIE, how would he go about doing it?

And what is the band I’m not familiar with, but am now, thanks to Kieron and Stephanie’s mutual love for this metal sensation from Japan?

Kieron also talks about his writing Star Wars for Marvel Comics and what we can expect from his take on Peter Cannon from Dynamite Entertainment coming early next year. 

Both guests answer my fun questions, including Stephanie’s beverage of choice that leaves her free of hangovers the next day and how she is taking control of her birthday celebration this year!


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About DIE on sale 12/05



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143 A Sound of Thunder - It Was Metal

November 15, 2018

Almost 10 years ago, guitarist Josh Schwartz and drummer Chris Haren formed the Washington D.C. area based metal band A Sound Of Thunder. Nina Osegueda soon followed as the bands powerful vocalist. After few change in the bass position, Jesse Keen completed the current line up, bringing his talent on the keyboards as well. 

The recording and pressing of their albums were funded through successful Kickstarter campaigns, each more financially successful than the last.

The band has a strong connection with comics, having produced soundtracks for two Valiant comic books, Tales From the Deadside featuring Shadowman and Doctor Mirage: Second Lives.

This year A Sound of Thunder released It Was Metal, a comic anthology with stories based on the tracks on the album of the same name. The book contains the songs lyrics and 10 stories to accompany each track.

In addition to band members Josh Schwartz and Nina Osegueda receiving story credits, other contributors include Shadowman artists Bob Hall and Roberto de la Torre, Rafer Roberts, Ben Templesmith, Barry Kitson and Mostafa Moussa.

Josh and Chris join me to talk about the formation of the band and touring in Catalonia, Spain and their cover version of the regions national anthem, Els Segadors that they performed at the Barcelona Olympics opening ceremony.

How do Josh and Chris define heavy metal music? What sub-genera of hard rock and heavy metal influence their sound?

What is in the works for their 10th anniversary as a band, and will we see another comic from them?

Josh and Chris also take a crack at the fun questions I ask all my guests.

To close out the show, I take a few moments to remember one of the greatest writers and personalities in comicdom, Stan Lee.

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About A Sound of Thunder



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142 Ed Laroche on The Warning

November 8, 2018

Ed Laroche began working in comics in the mid-1990s for Malibu Comics. After publishing creator-owned work for years, he has written and illustrated The Warning, his first monthly comic published through Image this November.

In our interview, we begin with Ed’s reflecting on the spark that ignited his creativity and his early years developing as artist.

Ed shares his experience working in comics during the mid-90s and the seismic shifts that were taking place in comic book art at the time. 

What was Ed’s reason for leaving animation and jumping into live action storyboard work? How is working in each field different?

What important advice did Joe Casey share about storytelling through art early in Ed’s career?

What was the biggest hurdle Ed had trouble clearing when promoting his creator-owned work?

What advantage did Ed discover having his book published through Image Comics versus self-publishing in today’s market?

It is not enough just to submit work to a publisher and hope to get noticed. What does one need to do to stand out from thousands of submissions?

We talk about Ed’s latest work The Warning, the influence of the film Alien, and the connection between Star Trek and of The Warning’s special combat bridge motto “Die With Honor”.

 Getting to know more about Ed, we talk about a cherished birthday memory, his desert island book, beverage of choice and much more!


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About The Warning on sale November 28th:



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141 Sanford Greene on Bitter Root and award-winning web series 1000

November 1, 2018

Sanford Greene, the artist of Marvel Comics’ Power Man and Iron Fist series written by David F. Walker, is this week’s guest on Creator Talks.

Sanford and Chuck Brown won the 2018 Ringo Award for Best Web Comic for their creator owned comic series 1000, published through Webtoons. 

Sanford has teamed up with David F. Walker and Chuck Brown for their latest series Bitter Root published through Image Comics. The series is about a team of monster hunters during the Renaissance of Harlem in 1924.

Sanford discusses growing up in the South and the comics book heroes that inspired him including The Black Panther and Power Man

What motivates Sanford as an artist? 

What were the challenges he encountered while working as an animation artist?

What did the creative team see and experience that made them decide to tell the story Bitter Root?

Who are the story’s key players and what motivates them?


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About Bitter Root #1 on Sales November 14th



About 1000 on Webtoons



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140 Halloween Special- Dave Ebersole on his Crime Noir Horror Comic Dash

October 25, 2018

Philadelphia based director and playwright Dave Ebersole is the creator and writer of Dash, a noir detective story set in 1940 Los Angeles.

Dash is a comic cocktail that’s one part Maltese Falcon, one part The Mummy, with twist: Dash Malone is an openly gay private detective.

After a three-year hiatus, Dash returns with issue #5. 

How did Dave get the book back on schedule, and who has been added to the art team to carry on the series?

What are Dave’s plans for the series beyond issue six, the finale of The Mysterious Zita Makara arc?

We talk a lot about classic films this episode, including Dave’s favorite Rebel Without a Cause, starring the legendary James Dean.

Why does Dave prefer to watch it alone?

Also in this Special Halloween Episode, we talk about our favorite Universal and Hammer Horror Mummy films.

In which format do we prefer to watch another horror classic, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, on DVD or Blu-Ray? Why?

We also talk about crime noir films of the 40s and 50s. How do we define crime noir? Which are our favorite films? Will we ever figure out what the heck is going on in The Big Sleep

We wrap up our conversation with the fun questions I ask all my guests!


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About Dash #5:



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139 Unleashing Hellicious with Elwell, Medina & Richardson

October 18, 2018

Joining me again are Mina Elwell and Alan Christopher Medina along with Starburns Industries editor Trevor Richardson to discuss their new comic Hellicious.

Starburns Industries is the new publishing division of the company that created Rick and Morty.

What is Hellicious? It’s about Cherry; the devil’s prankster granddaughter is just trying to have fun and make new friends. Her playmates end up digested and destroyed! Cherry thinks she has found the perfect playmate in rock star and Goth icon Briggy Bundy. The problem is Briggy is not dead, yet!

The Hellicious trade paperback was just released 10/10/18. Why was it release so son as a smaller trade collecting just the first three issues? There is a method to their madness.

Since it is Trevor’s first time on the show he gets to answer my fun questions!

What does he think of the new Spider-Man video game?

Why did he do that made his high school rewrite the student handbook EVERY YEAR. If there is a loophole, Trevor will find it! He fought the law, and he won! 

We talk moms, Marx Brothers, man-bags and more! 

About Starburns Industries

About Hellicious #4 Coming November 21st:



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138 Sam Johnson on Geek-Girl: Crime War

October 11, 2018

Sam Johnson is back to talk about his latest Kickstarter Geek-Girl: Crime War. 

Issues 1 through 3 are complete and work on issue four has begun. How can YOU be a part of issue four? Listen and find out!

Sam explains the new rewards, including digital editions, limited signed editions and a brand new virgin painted cover by Erich “Don’t Call Me Cartman” Hartmann.  

Sam has made it possible for backers to get the whole series or start with the Crime War arc.

Afterward, we talk about other comics we like too! 

Sam sets the record straight for Christopher on the fate of Doom Patrol, plus we talk about comics we are excited about reading including Al Ewing’s Immortal Hulk and upcoming The Defenders one-shots. 

Our discussion then turns to the Netflix and Daredevil Season 3 and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, both out in October.

Continuing on horror, Christopher shares with Sam his thought about a film he recently watched late one night by one of horror’s greatest actors, Lon Chaney, in the silent film The Unknown (1927). It was all kinds of messed up! 

On a lighter note, we share our mutual appreciation for Ricky Gervais Extras, which may just inspire Sam to live stream his idea for a Halloween costume to cap off the Geek-Girl: Crime War Kickstarter finale on Halloween. 

Do I sense a new stretch goal in the making?


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