135 Chelsea Cain Doubles Down with Man-Eaters

September 18, 2018
Special early release of this week's podcast!
New York Times Best Selling Author Chelsea Cain returns to comics with her latest work Man-Eaters (Image Comics). 
We open with a discussion about the personalty of cats and the perks of having a feline pet.
Revisiting her childhood, Chelsea explains how she earned the moniker "the dead pet whisperer". 
Next, Chelsea talks about The Green River Killer and how her fascination with the case led her to write the novel Heartsick featuring serial killer Gretchen Lowell.
How did Chelsea get into reading comics and ultimately write the Eisner nominated mini-series Mockingbird  for Marvel Comics?
We discuss Chelsea's return to comics after her hiatus with the entire Mockingbird creative team for Man-Eaters: artist Kate Niemczyk, colorist Rachelle Rosenberg and letterer Joe Caramagna.
What makes Man-Eaters different from other horror comics and how does Kate’s art add a hint of humor and a flourish of fun to the series?
We also talk about Chelsea and writer/husband Marc Mohanto plans for the next arc of The Vision, which since our initial interview was abruptly cancelled by Marvel Comics. 
In our fun questions segment, Chelsea talks about her favorite birthday as a child and her brush with one of the biggest celebrities in show biz!
What is the cause that Chelsea supports that in some way ties into the subject of Man-Eaters?
But wait, there is more!
After answering my fun questions, I followed up with Chelsea shortly after the announcement of The Vision's cancellation to get her thoughts on the subject. (46:53:-58:30)

About Man-Eaters
Chelsea Cain’s Website
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134 Ken Kristensen from Superman Returns to Obliv18n

September 13, 2018
Writer Ken Kristensen is an Academy Nicholl award-winning writer. 
His best know work includes writing episodes of Marvel ‘s Netflix series The Punisher and SyFy network's Happy!
As a graduate student, Ken worked as location manager for Warner Brothers' Superman Returns (2006) and shares how he overcame roadblocks to get certain shots critical for filming.
Ken is the writer of Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth (Image) and joins me to discuss his latest work the apocalyptic sci-fi tale Obliv18n (Scout Comics).
What advice does Ken offer to those seeking a career as a screenwriter or comic book author?
Who developed the logo for Obliv18n?
Ken shares his happiest birthday memory, the earliest of any guest ever on the show!
What poster did Ken have on his bedroom wall growing up that had his mom concerned?
What is Ken’s go to drink that has a celebrity tie-in?
And Ken answers that burning question: just how many keys are there on a piano?
To Order a copy of Obilv18n #1
Ken Kristensen’s Website
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133 Lazlo Tamasfi Ascends The Observatory

September 6, 2018

Writer Lazlo Tamafsi ascends the steps of The Observatory to present a horror tale in the style of The Twilight Zone and H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu.

Lazlo has won also multiple awards for his movie scripts that we also touch upon. Which was his favorite?


For The Observatory, Lazlo collects his one-page flash web comics within framing story that takes place – in the Observatory!

Just what are flash web comics?

Ever get a comic book or graphic novel with a prose story in the back? Did you skip it?

The Observatory contains a Lovecraftian-style prose tale based an actual event reported in Florida during the late 1800s!

We discuss a fun question that goes to the dogs, we talk about drinking light beers in warmer climates and we nerd out on our mutual love for David Bowie and Nail Inch Nails!

And what is a topic outside of comics that is very important to Lazlo? And why is he so optimistic about our world for future generations?


Post Credit Closing Song: Untitled No.1 – David Bowie


Caliber Presents Volume: The Observatory



Lazlo’s Website



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132 Skottie Young and Aaron Conley Launch Bully Wars

September 3, 2018

It’s a Back To School podcast special this Labor Day! Skottie Young and Aaron Conley launch Bully Wars published through Image Comics on September 5th

Spencer’s is off to his first day at Rottenville High. It’s old nemesis Rufus’ first day too, but he goes from middle school bully to being bullied!


Skottie and Aaron talk about the comic’s key players and the contributions made by the entire creative team.

Why did it take several years from concept to the book’s release?

Were Skottie and Aaron bullied in school?

How are kids different in middle school compared to high school in terms of their acceptance of “nerds” and “geeks” ?

Which comic book character is a bully? The answer my surprise you!

And which of my guests had a surprise birthday party and which talks about his huge vinyl collection?


Bully Wars



Skottie Young’s Website



Aaron Conley’s Instagram



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131 Chris Flick of Capes & Babes

August 30, 2018

Chris Flick, creator of the web comic strip Capes & Babes and member of the Web Comic Alliance podcast, joins the show to wrap up the summer of 2018! 

We discuss the moment Chris decided to “get serious” about becoming an artist for a living and how to brand oneself as a creator. 

We also talk about his web comic Capes & Babes and why it has a werewolf that hangs out at a strip mall comic shop.

How has Chris collected his Capes & Babes strips for comic conventions so that it is suitable for different target audiences?

Chris attends a lot of comic shows along the East Coast and has learned a thing or two about proper show preparation. 

What are some of the dos and don’ts about tabling at comic convention and what is the most common mistake made?

To close out the show: how I spent my summer beach vacation, particularly the comics I bought and read during the trip.


Chris Flicks’ Website



The Web Alliance Podcast



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130 Ed Piskor’s X-Men Grand Design

August 23, 2018

Ed Piskor has a Grand Design for Marvel’s X-Men: presenting their history from issue #1 through Chris Claremont’s classic run of the X-Men. 

Ed seamlessly weaves in later retcons throughout his comics and collects each two-issue run of his trilogy in a Treasury-Sized edition.

 Why does Ed hate the Marvel reprints of Jack Kirby’s X-Men work, yet reprinted X-Men #1 in the first Grand Design Treasury Edition?

How did he break into comics working with the great Harvey Pekar (American Splendor)?

Ed is also a big fan of hip-hop music and wrote about its history between 1975-1983 in Hip Hop Family Tree. It was his first attempt at presenting his work in a Treasury-Sized Edition.

Plus, the fun questions I ask guests to learn more about them, and we learn what was the best birthday Ed ever had!


X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis



Hip Hop Family Tree



More about Ed Piskor:



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129 Cullen Bunn and Mark Torres Find Cold Spots

August 16, 2018

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Mark Torres join the show to talk about their new horror collaboration through Image Comics, Cold Spots.

The psychological terror is about Dan Kerr’s search for his missing estranged wife and the daughter and the supernatural terrors he faces along the way!

BE AMAZED at the of list Cullen’s output of comic work!

MARVEL as we talk about the MUSIC Mark both composed and played for Cold Spots

SHIVER IN FEAR as each creator describes his encounter with spirits from the beyond the grave!

Plus: Cullen answers I ask all my all my guest we didn’t get to last time and listen to Mark tackle them all! 

Bonus! I discuss with Webtoons Head Editor David Lee about the details of the Discover Creator Contest.  Listen for details!


Writer Cullen Bunn Interview

2:00 -22:39


Webtoon's Head Editor David Lee Interview



Artist Mark Torres Interview

34:58- 1:01


Cold Spots (Image Comics):



Cullen Bunn & Dennis Hopeless YouTube Show Missouri Swagger:



Webtoons’ Discover Creator Contest:



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128 Enter Bernie Gonzalez’s Midnight Mystery

August 13, 2018

Are you a fan of the Kolchak: Night Stalker TV series? Like to curl up with a good noir story? Appreciate an artistic style of Victor Santos or the legendary Darwyn Cooke? 

Then you will want to get on the ground floor of writer/artist Bernie Gonzalez’s supernatural suspense mini-series Midnight Mystery to be published in October through Alterna Comic in October. 

Bernie even created an old-time style radio program that can be heard on his podcast Fan2Fan.

What was it about Marvel’s Infinite Gauntlet #1 that really turned Bernie on to comics?

How did Darwyn Cooke and Alex Toth inspire Bernie’s art style and approach to making comics?

Is a work by one of these great illustrators Bernie’s island book?

Listen and learn, my friends!


Bernie’s Midnight Mystery Website:



Bernie’s Fan2Fan Podcast:



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127 Sean Lewis on the Next Chapter of Coyotes

August 9, 2018

Theatre Artistic Director and comic book author Sean Lewis discusses the return of Coyotes (Image Comics) with issue #5 on August 15th.

How did the story of the Trail of Tears, The Blond of Juarez and becoming a parent lead to Sean writing the series?

Which filmmakers whose style is woven into the action sequences of the story? 

Caitlyn Yarsky illustrates the series. Does Sean think her art has evolved since the books launched last year? How so?

We also discuss Sean’s other comics, Betrothed and Clankillers.

What other comic books does Sean have in the works with former The Few collaborator Hayden Sherman?


To learn more about Coyotes:


Sean Lewis’ website:


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126 Evan Dorkin on Beast of Burden and Blackwood

August 2, 2018

Writer and cartoonist Evan Dorkin, the creator of Milk and Cheese, Dork, Beasts of Burden and Blackwood, joins the show! 

As a youth Evan preferred Marvel comics, any comics, to DC and explains why. (DC fans take heart; later Evan was a fan of DC and even did some work for the publisher.

How did Evan shift from humor to horror comics? Evan always went with the flow, and talks about regretting not having a plan and “brand” for himself in his first few decades in comics.

Now, Evan is focused on writing horror comics and talks about his latest projects through Dark Horse.

Evan tells how he met his wife, creator Sarah Dyer, their first date, and how it ended that evening buying a lava lamp.

Why Dark Horse never “bit” at Evan’s pitch for a super-hero comic (your host got the joke, yes, Evan went there ;-)

Plus Evan is stumped, only momentarily, by one of the fun questions I ask my guests!


To learn more about Beasts of Burden:



Evan Dorkin’s other work



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