59 Marcel Dupree on Kickstarter POM

August 14, 2017

Marcel Dupree joins the show to talk about his publishing company Evolutzione, his comic books Delilsh Blast, Armor and his latest Kickstarter Porject Piece of Me (POM) the superhero celebrity comic.  POM will be part of the Powerverse!


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58 Peter Simeti Alterna Comics Publisher

August 10, 2017

Newsprint is not dead! Found & publsher of Alterna Comics Peter Simeti talks about the rebirth of newsprint comics, newsstand distribution and the new low, low price of comics! Bet you can't buy just one!  We also talk about what radical changes the comic industry needs to stop the bleeding and increase the reading. Plus an upcoming on the film adaptation of The Chair. 

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57 Ales Kot & Andre Lima Araujo on Generation Gone

August 7, 2017

Writer Ales Kot and artist Andre Lima Araujo both join the show to talk about their lastest series, Generation Gone (Image Comics).

Andre joins the show first, followed by my discussion with Ales. We dig into the series plus a whole lot more. Why should Portugual be on my must see travel list? How does the series address the challenges Millennials face in today's world? Plus: what my guests like to do for rest and relaxation, their island book and beverage of choice!


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56 John Sims & Lee Milewski on Descension

August 5, 2017

John Sims and Lee Milewski join the show to talk about their Kickstarter for for the first of a three-part space sci-fi thiller comic book called Decension.

We talk about the creators and the comic for the first half-hour, then have fun talking about comic books, drinks and classic sci-fi movies!

Less than week to go before the campaign ends, so act fast, check out it out and please back it if you can!

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55 Jordie Bellaire on Redlands

August 3, 2017

Colorist extraordinaire Joride Bellaire joins the show to discuss her new book Redlands!  She is the creator, writer & colorist on the series published by Image Comics.  Vanesa R. del Ray is the artist on the book.  Jordie talks about Ireland, philosophy and much, much more!

To learn more about Redlands go here


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54 Daniel Kalban on American Dream Kickstarter

July 31, 2017

Hey gang! Creator and writer Daniel Kalban returns to the pod to discuss his latest Kickstarter campaign for American Dreams.  It's a double  Kickstarter which includes the title "They Call Him Marvelous" by Jamaal Simposon.  Both are part of Vince White's Powerverse.  


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53 Jay Faerber on Elsewhere

July 27, 2017

Jay Faeber discusses the recent Amelia Earhart documentary on The History Channel, her place in his new fantasy & adventure comic book Elsewhere published by Image Comics and writing for the CBS series Zoo. 


52 Sam Johnson on Geek-Girl Lightning Strikes!

July 24, 2017

Sam Johnson returns to the show to discuss his Geek-Girl trade paperback collection Lightning Strikes! available for pre-order order through KickStarter. Sam and I also discuss Captain Amercia/Secret Empire, who we would nominate for 2016 Ringo Awards, plus the selection of a new Doctor!


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51 Becky Cloonan on By Chance or Providence

July 20, 2017

Becky Cloonan joins Creator Talks and chats  about the remastered and color edition of By Chance or Providence being released on July 26th through Image Comics.  First, I get Becky's perspect on Game of Thones which returned to HBO for Season 7 on 7/116/17. What makes it so darn good? Plus we talk about our favorite werewolf and vampire movies!

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50 Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle on Moonstruck

July 13, 2017

Grace Ellis & Shae Beagle discuss the debut of the comic book Moonstruck. We talk about the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, Coffee and lots more!