85 Justin M. Ryan Trespasser Alterna Comics

December 18, 2017

This week I have a bonus podcast, an early Christmas present for my listeners!

Writer Justin M.Ryan joins me to talk about his four-part sci-fi thriller Trespasser.

The fourth and final issue is out December 20th and is being published in color by Alterna Comics on newsprint for only $1.50!  

Justin talks about his early years growing up with his brother creating their own comic books and stop motion videos. 

Why does Justin think the M. Knight Shyamalan's movie Signs missed the mark in places and how did the film motivate Justin to write Trespasser?

Justin also talk about how he successfully expanded what was initially a single issue story in to a four-parter, and the amazing creative team behind the mini-series.

All this and more on this week's bonus podcast.

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84 Steve Conely on The Middle Age

December 14, 2017

Eisner and Ringo Award nominee Steve Conely is the creator of the online comic strip The Middle Age, the humorous tale of Sir Quimp and his snarky-talking sword.  

Steve has made several contributions to web comics, including being a driving force behind having the "Best Web Comic" category added to the ballot of the Ignatz and Harvey Awards.

We discuss Steve’s process for creating The Middle Age art and formatting his comic for multiple platforms and plus some of our favorite web comics.  

How did newspaper strips influce Steve as an artist?

Why did he decide to create a middle-aged knight as the hero?  

The answers to these question and more in this week's creator interview.

Steve Conely's The Middle Age


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83 Tom Mandrake on The Spectre and Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter

December 7, 2017

Artist Tom Mandrake talks about the influence of comic books during his youth, being a student and teacher at The Kubert School of Art and his best know work for DC comics, The Spectre.  

Tom's latest work with Dan Abnett, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, is published by Titan Comics/Hammer Horror.

How is the Captain Kronos comic today different from the 1974 film and comic adaptations of 1970s published in The House Horror magazine?

What are Tom's thoughts on working with pencil and ink versus digitally creating art ?

How can a colorist enhance or detract from the black and white line art in a comic book? Is the role of an inker in comics becoming obsolete? 

And what does Tom have planned for the future?  All this and much more on Creator Talks!


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82 Ram V and Dev on Paradiso - Image Comics

November 30, 2017

It has been one year since Creator Talks launched!

To celebrate the show’s anniversary, I span the globe! (o.k... through Skype) from London to Bangalore to bring together my guests Ram V and Devmalya Pramanik, the two creators of their upcoming comic book Paradiso being published by Image Comics on December 6th.

What does each like about the cities they call home?

How does science fiction and horror blend in their comic Paradiso?

And why is it so hard to find a Guinness in India??

We talk about all this, plus their love of dogs & cats.

Chickens, eh, not so much. 

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81 Joel Rose on Hungry Ghosts

November 22, 2017

Joel Rose co-wrote Get Jiro! and Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi with Antony Bourdain. The two are back together with a new anthology coming out January 31st, Hungry Ghosts being published through the Berger Books imprint of Dark Horse Comics.

Joel talks about his first encounter with Antony Bourdain when Tony tried to publish his first comic book. Joel also reminisces about his early years in New York City as a waiter, establishing his own publishing company Between C&D, and working at Vertigo Comics. He also has some observations about writing with some advice for new writers.

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80 Matthew Dow Smith & Beasts of The Black Hand

November 16, 2017

Artist Matthew Dow Smith (X-Files, Doctor Who and Batman ’66 Meets Steed and Mrs. Peel) represents the creative team behind the Kickstarter “Beasts of the Black Hand.”

Conceived/plotted by sculptor Paul Harding and written by Ron Marz, this 64 page over-size hard cover grpahic novel is set during the closing days of World War One and features historical figures Rasputin “The Mad Monk”, MI-6 Agent Oswald Rayner and… Monsters?!

We also get an update on the creator owned project Matt writes and draws: The October Girl

With my guest Matt, of course, we talk about one of our favorite classic sci-fi shows, Doctor Who!

Plus how Matt draws comics using digital tools, working with colorists and letters, and a whole lot more! Join us for this fun conversation!

Link to Beasts of the Black Hand Kickstarter (ends 11/30/17)


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79 The Memory Arts with Sarah & David Trustman

November 9, 2017

My guests Sarah & David Trustman are the authors of The Memory Arts (Secundi Millennii) Fundamentals Boosk A and B.  David is also illustrated and co-authored with Dean Haspiel the web comic Godslap, now available in trade paperback. We talk about life on Sarah & David's berry farm, the history of mnemonics and how their book can help expand your memory. All this and more on this episode of Creator Talks!

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78 Phil Hester from Blood Blister to Birdman

November 2, 2017

Phil Hester talks about his introduction to comic books and the one that put him on the path to being a comic book writer and artist.

He reflects on his past health issues, how they impacted his comic book production and how he finally overcame those limitations.

Phil recalls his creator-owned work The Wretch and the upcoming graphic novel collecting the orginal comics plus new material.

Finally, we get a status report on  Shipwreck, Blood Blister published by Aftershock and his upcoming three-part Birdman story for DC's Future Quest Presents with artist Steve Rude.


Phil's Blood Blister


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77 Kim Newman on Anno Dracula and Horror

October 29, 2017

Bonus episode this week: award winning author & broadcaster Kim Newman joins the show from London. We talk about his Anno Dracula series of books, the Anno Dracula: 1895 Seven Days in Mayhem trade collection out this week through Titan Comics, his other recent work and what he might write in the future.  We talk about famous film vampires. Who was the best?  All this and how you can be entered to win two weekend passes to the New Jersey Comic Expo held on November 18th snd 19th in Edison, NJ. 


The Kim Newman Website


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76 Dean Haspiel on War Cry & Harakiri Kane

October 26, 2017

Dean joined the show from his Brooklyn Studios late one evening while feverishly inking pages for War Cry, his sequel to The Red Hook.

We also talk about his play Harakiri Kane, coming to The Brick Theater in late October.  

Dean shares his physically painful experience at The New York Comic Con and suggests a new model for large cons to alleviate the  crushing crowds.  

We talk about the format of comic sand their sky-rocketing price tag: could digital distribution be the ultimate fate of new comics?

What would happen to lcoal comic shops?

All this, talk about Dean's hero Jack Kibry, and my R&R questions!


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