Nick Cuti on E-Man, Charlton Comic and Career

Nicola Cuti had a creative carrier that spanned over 50 years.

He wrote hundreds of horror stories for Warren Magazines Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella

Nick was also the co-creator of E-Man published through Charlton Comics. In addition, he was created Moon Child, Starflake, and Captain Cosmos

Nicolas Cuti left our world on Friday, February 21st 2020, after a battle with cancer. 

This interview with Creator Talks took place on the evening of Friday, January 17th and Sunday morning, January 19th 2020. 

During our interview, I learned how Nick first became a storyteller out of necessity as a young boy.

Nick shares how he made his first break into comics with the story Grub and favorite horrors stories he wrote for Warren Publishing.

What was it like working at Charlton Comics in the early 1970s and how did the development of E-Man come about with co-creator Joe Staton?

We also talk about his cult sci-fi classic Spanner's Galaxy illustrated by Tom Mandrake

Nick recalls many of the people he has the pleasure to work with including Louise Simonson, Russ Heath, Len Wein, Bernie Wrightson, Tom Mandrake and Joe Staton.

Did you know Nick was an animation background designer for several major studios?  He reflect upon that period of his career.

When I Kick Back With The Creator, Nick answers the questions I like to ask all my guests, including how Nick would want to be remembered. 

Nick will have stories published in future issues of The Creeps and Warrant's new magazine Carmilla coming in November 2020. 

Given the prolific story teller that Nick was, I hope there will be new stories of his published for years to come.

Closing music is from Captain Cosmos.

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