Alan Davis’ Avenger vs. Defenders cross-over Tarot

Alan Davis is well know among comic book aficionado's as a writer and artist who has worked on nearly every major super-hero character in his decades spanning career. Some of Alan's best work as a writer and/or artist includes Captain Britain, Batman and The Outsiders, Avengers: PrimeFantastic Four: The End, Excalibur, and X-Men.

Alan is writing the brand-new four-part Avengers/Defenders cross-over titled Tarot. He's is collaborating with long-time friend and French artist Paul Renaud.

What was the genesis of Tarot? How does Alan approach team books so that he has voice of the characters right and gives each their moment in the spotlight?

How did the old black and white comic strips Alan clipped and saved influence his artistic style?  Which ones should comic lovers and artist take note?

Did How To Draw Comic The Marvel Way lead to his first professional comic work? What changes to making comics since Alan first began working in the industry does he find most challenging?

When I Kick Back With The Creator, learn what was for Alan "the one that got away"  Warning comic book collectors, keep a box of tissues near by, this one is going to break your heart.

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