Artist Dean Kotz on Warlord of Mars Attacks!!

Dean Kotz is an artist living in Brooklyn working on a five-part series written by Jeff Parker Warlord of Mars Attacks!!

Issue #1 of this Dynamite Entertainment mini-series goes on sale June 19th

Dean is big fan Edgar Rice Burroughs work and is excited to share what it is like working on this action-packed cross-over between John Cater Warlord of Mars and Mars Attacks!

We begin by discussing Dean’s art education and first paid comic book work.

Why are horror and crime-noir his favorite genera? What comics, books and movies influenced his tastes?

We learn more about his previous gaming work for Dungeons and Dragons. Is Dean into D&D?

Dean also provides a few hints about the other series he is working being published by Dark Horse Comics and Alterna Comics.

In the Kicking Back With The Creator Segment, I ask Dean what was his favorite birthday, his oddest job and what character series would he like to draw.


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