156 Meredith Finch on The Light Princess and Faith

Meredith Finch, writer of Wonder Woman (DC), Rose (Image Comics) and Xena (Dynamite Entertainment) returns to talk about her upcoming mini-series The Light Princess published through Cave Pictures Publishing.

George McDonald wrote the story of The Light Princess in 1864. McDonald was a Scottish minister and today is considered the godfather of fantasy.

How does Meredith plan to address the themes of love, sacrifice and redemption found his the story?

The art team on the five-part series is Renae DeLiz and Ray Dillon; the same team that illustrated The Legend of Wonder Woman. We talk about the incredible hand lettering using throughout the series

How has Meredith’s approach to writing evolved and matures since she produced her first work published through Zenescope? 

Why did she decide to write a blog about her Christian faith experience? How is it connected to the comic books that she writes?

When I Kick Back with The Creator, Meredith and I take a deeper dive into my fun questions I ask all my guests.


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