Michael Gordon on the Crime Noir Comic Red Winter

Do you like crime noir in the vein of Ed Brubaker, Frank Miller and Jason Aaron?

Writer Michael Gordon joins me to discuss his Kickstarter for Red Winter #1, his new crime noir four part mini series set in Russia.

We also talk about his other highly successful series Transdimentional, now off to the printer after wrapping up another successful Kickstarter to fund issue #3 of that four part series.

What is it like living in Moira a, Ireland and what are the best things to do in Belfast?

How did Michael land a job writing a comic based on a U.K. television series written by Stan Lee?

What would be his accessory if an action figure were made of him?

Who was the best actor to portray Batman on the silver screen and why?

These questions and more are answered on this episode of Creator Talks.


Kickstarter for Red Winter #1 here:



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